We will cut your operating costs by 40%

Rouder is a platform that can help you reduce car operation costs by 40% to 100% and switch to carsharing and self-driving cars within
12-36 months.

Existing technologies can change the life of car market players

  • Outsourcing and outstaffing
  • P2P economy
  • TaaS
  • SaaS

They still lack a single integrator

Rouder platform will provide car owners with almost everything for their cars

This will possible thanks tothe ongoing implementation of advanced technologies

Building up the pool of Rouder Club card users

Installing GPS trackers on user cars

Combining route patterns in HD maps

Development of self-driving solution

  • Self-driving taxi
  • Carsharing
  • Installable autopilot

Rouder Club − Inheriting the best from Remontista.ru and Avtofriend.com

Remontista.ru is an online platform for car repair and maintenance with remote cost estimation and online appointments at trusted repair shops nearby.

  • Repair shops network

  • Loyalty program for partners and users

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AutoMap app locates free and paid parking lots nearby and evaluates the risk of being towed away or fined on your current spot.

  • User database

  • Parking payments

  • Bank cards support

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The Rouder team plans to combine the experience and features from Remontista.ru and Avtofriend.com projects and enhance them with an international loyalty program based on the use of a payment card and its benefits.

Applicable technologiesand how they work together

Repair app:

  • Repair appointments
  • Payments
  • Bonus managements
  • Carsharing

P2P loans:

  • Investor account
  • Lendee account

Web-account and Mobile app for service advisors

Mobile app for mechanics

Mobile app for repair shop owners

Issue and car brand

Cost estimation. Appointment confirmation. Info about repair progress

Issue and lead time

Spare parts request. Info about repair progress

Application for a P2P loan

Creates a CV

Employee search

Rouder Plan: revolutionizing car repair market with outsourcing and outstaffing

Rouder Plan will onboard an upgraded ERP system, which has been tested in the Remontista project: it now features a platform for car maintenance employees. In addition to receiving repair jobs, repair shops will be able to integrate a platform for hiring and managing Rouder-Job employees and will be able to receive loans and investments via the P2P loan platform Rouder-Loan.

Outsourcing of marketing functions, optimization of business processes and competitive pricing will result in a dramatic reduction of repair costs at the repair shops connected to the system. This will make the membership in Rouder Club more attractive for car owners and their number will grow faster.

Rouder Maps will develop a digital layer of maps to navigate self-driving cars

As part of the Rouder Maps program, members of the Rouder Club will be actively offered to install a special GPS tracker on their cars, which will collect road data. With this data, it will be possible to create dynamic and very precise HD maps based on machine learning, which shortly soon will be necessary for self-driving car navigation.

Enhanced with Rouder Maps coverage, Rouder-Drive's autopilot will revolutionize the mobility systems, that has been long anticipated by companies like Uber, Lyft, and carsharing services.

Rouder Drive develops an autonomous driving system that can be installed on cars of several brands

It will use similar open source solutions available.

  • Reduced transportation costs

    All these brands are waiting for an affordable autopilot solution that can replace drivers. It is expected that this will help to reduce transportation costs and will allow showing ads to passengers during the trip.

  • Costs less than similar products

    Rouder Drive's autopilot will be a better deal than its competitors because of navigating through a dynamic HD map with a precise GPS tracker. This map will be taking into account the motion patterns of other cars with GPS trackers.

  • Taxi of tomorrow

    Self-driving taxi

Our team

We developed AutoMap and Remontista apps for insurance products, parking payments and car repairs with geotargeting and customer scoring features.

We are committed to putting our experience and expertise at the core of the Rouder global platform.

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