Reduce your Сar’s TCO by 40%

Membership program for car owners with special conditions for repair, maintenance, insurance, tow services and other things related to owning a car.

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and Beneficial

Join our membership program and get the Rouder payment card to simplify your car maintenance and save up to 40%
Rouder Club
Car maintenance and repair
Parking fees
Payment with Apple / Google pay
Car sharing services during maintenance
Tow services
Consultation with car experts
Benefits from partners
Rouder Card
Cashback on gas stations
1.5% accrued on the card balance
5% cashback at any gas station worldwide
Cryptowallet to receive, keep and use Rouder currency tokens and investment tokens
Can be issued anywhere in the world
Virtual and physical cards
Unlimited money transfers
Reduce your Car Ownership Costs
Reduced maintenance
and repair costs
Rouder Club created a network of new-generation repair shops. You will enjoy special conditions, including affordable prices and consistently high quality of repair and maintenance.
International payment card with cashback
Rouder Club allows you to earn cashback and bonuses on international payment cards in fiat money or tokens. All savings can be easily managed in the mobile app.
Reduced operational
costs by 40%
Rouder Club is a program that covers all kinds of services for car owners that help you save up to 40% on car ownership.
Earn Interests, Cashback,
and Bonuses
Get a 5% cashback at gas stations
With Rouder Card, you can fill up at any gas station in the world and get a 5% cashback
Manage cashback and bonuses
Manage bonuses and cashback earned on international payment card in the Rouder mobile app
Earn with Rouder
You get guaranteed 1.5% p.a in Euro accrued on any balance of your Rouder card

Rouder Card is Easy-To-Use
and can Save you Money

Rouder Card is an international payment card that helps you get an extra income. Developed by Rouder, it automatically grants access to all benefits of the Rouder Club program, and can be issued in any country of the world.

Card’s main purpose is to provide an opportunity for extra income, inсluding usual 1.5% accrued on card balance and 5% cashback at any gas station of the world and bank features and products – crypto wallet for receiving, keeping and using currency and Rouder investment tokens.

Rouder Card is issued remotely inside the app. It can be virtual or made of plastic or other materials (e.g. carbon, metal, etc.). For your convenience, you can get customer and technical support 24/7 via the app or WhatsApp.

Cashback and accrued interests
Fuel up at any gas station in the world and get 5% cashback to your Rouder Card. Plus, receive an extra 1.5% accrued on your card balance
Crypto wallet
Rouder Card has an embedded crypto wallet that you can use for Rouder tokens
Rouder loyalty program
Each Rouder Card owner automatically joins the Rouder Club and saves up to 40% on car maintenance

Order your Card for Free. It Takes Just 2 Minutes

Apply for the free Rouder Card in just 2 minutes and start earning 1.5% p. a. accrued in Euro and 5% cashback on any gas station worldwide

Rouder Card is not only an international payment tool but also a source of extra income and cashback. If you like traveling by car and getting nice little bonuses every time you fuel – this card is for you.

Rouder Card will save your money and bring you interest from the yearly income in Euro (regardless of the currency in which the account was opened).

3 Simple Steps

Submit a request
Describe your issue with a car
Select a service
Services offered by repair shops can be found in your Account. You can discuss them with a car expert
Go to repair shop
Your car has been repaired and you can enjoy your rides
Double your benefits
Join Rouder Club and order Rouder Card

Manage services in the app

Rouder Club developed a great app for car owners. With just a single app in your smartphone, you get access to any car-related activities:
  • Find repair shops
  • Appoint a repair
  • View maintenance history
  • Get reminders about maintenance
  • Get insurance
  • Order tow services
  • Consult with experts
And many other features that help you maintain your car with ease and save money.
Appointments for repair and maintenance
Tow services

Only reliable repair shops

Rouder has created a network of repair shops that follow an innovative approach:

  • New management system lets you reduce your car maintenance costs
  • The new approach to mechanic selection process guarantees high quality of work
  • Unique repair shop selection system makes maintenance convenient and easy
  • Special privileges for Rouder Club members enhance the maintenance experience

Submit a request for repair and maintenance with the Rouder app and we will find a repair shop and mechanics specifically for your car and needs.

High quality
Repair shops evaluation and unique selection of mechanics guarantee high-quality repair
Cost savings
Repair shop management system lets you save up to 20% on maintenance
Simple and easy
Just submit a request, and the system will find a repair shop that suits your needs

About Rouder

New format
Rouder has all car maintenance services in one place. It reduces your costs, makes all processes smoother and guarantees the highest quality
All-in-one system
With Rouder, you can solve all car-related issues in a single app. Just enter your car’s data once and enjoy your rides while Rouder will take care of the rest
Potential partners
Rouder has picked the best companies from each field and integrated them into one app. Thanks to our partnerships, members of Rouder Club can enjoy better conditions for car-related services
By using an International Rouder Card, you can reduce your ownership costs even further and create an extra source of income. Get 5% cashback at all gas stations worldwide and 1.5% accrued on the card balance
Partners of Project
Our team
Denis Gusev
Venture investor and CEO of
Denis has extensive experience in banking and investment. Previously, he has served as an advisor to AA+ General Fund Ltd. Hedge fund that focused on emerging markets and venture capital investments. The project was one of the investments made by the fund. Denis also serves as an expert for the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF)
Evgeny Zakharov
COO of
Evgeniy is in charge of B2G and B2B-relations. He excels at building successful relations with partners, car repair shops and banks. Previously he launched the project related to parking lots in Moscow as its COO.
Anton Volodin
CTO of
Anton holds an MBA in Information Technology. He has extensive experience in implementing and managing complex software development and IT-infrastructure projects. He served as a mentor on the ‘Product Manager’ course for startups for IIDF fund
Anna Shlepneva
CPO of
A professional marketer with experience in managing startups on the automotive market in stages like business planning, startup launch, and business development. Previously as the Marketing and Product Manager of WROOM (internet-aggregator of official car repair centers), she participated in the acceleration program of IIDF fund

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