Benefits for Marketing and Analytics Agencies

Access to statistics for analyzing consumer behavior of the specified target audience
Access to the membership program for pinpoint targeting of goods and services


Rouder provides a platform with several products: car maintenance services, an international payment card, access to a loyalty program. Also, as part of the User Agreement, cars are equipped with our GPS trackers, which helps to create a complete consumer profile for each platform user.

With social and demographic parameters of the target audience, partners can get very granular data about consumer preferences and create highly personalized offers for their customers.

Partners can access the most relevant consumer profiles for their product or service. This will reduce the acquisition cost for new customers, help adjust strategy if necessary, and accelerate business growth.

USP Positioning

Rouder knows each platform user as a very close friend and can offer a product or a service from partners at the right time, in the right place and an appealing package. Thanks to this, your offers will be ultra-converting.

Partners of Project
Our team
Denis Gusev
Venture investor and CEO of
Denis has extensive experience in banking and investment. Previously, he has served as an advisor to AA+ General Fund Ltd. Hedge fund that focused on emerging markets and venture capital investments. The project was one of the investments made by the fund. Denis also serves as an expert for the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF)
Evgeny Zakharov
COO of
Evgeniy is in charge of B2G and B2B-relations. He excels at building successful relations with partners, car repair shops and banks. Previously he launched the project related to parking lots in Moscow as its COO.
Anton Volodin
CTO of
Anton holds an MBA in Information Technology. He has extensive experience in implementing and managing complex software development and IT-infrastructure projects. He served as a mentor on the ‘Product Manager’ course for startups for IIDF fund
Anna Shlepneva
CPO of
A professional marketer with experience in managing startups on the automotive market in stages like business planning, startup launch, and business development. Previously as the Marketing and Product Manager of WROOM (internet-aggregator of official car repair centers), she participated in the acceleration program of IIDF fund

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