We’ ll Drive Profits to your Repair Shop
We will take care of:
  • Сuting costs
  • Optimizing business processes
  • Handling all secondary functions
Optimize headcount and boost your margin thanks to automated business processes. Your out-of-the-box IT solution for your repair shop is here! Get access to the Rouder customer database, wholesale prices on spare parts, marketing, and HR features.
Rouder. The Future of Repair Shops
The Rouder Plan management system optimizes repair shop activities, so you can focus on vehicle repair and maintenance. Rouder handles all secondary tasks, including HR, Marketing, and Finance. All of this is achieved thanks to highly qualified and specialized teams working within the system.
By integrating Rouder Plan, you will reduce your operational costs and boost customer flow. It will allow you to cut prices by 20-30%, improve service quality, and increase your market share and net profit.
Reduced costs
Rouder Plan handles all secondary tasks allowing you to cut costs on repair shop operations
More customers
Rouder Plan will bring you a stable flow of customers
P2P loans
Rouder Plan will give you access to a P2P-loan platform, so you can get the financing for your business
Smooth management system
Rouder Plan will handle all secondary tasks and reduce operational costs
Rouder will give you access to skilled experts with broad or narrow specializations
Rouder will drive customers to your
repair shop
Spare parts
The Rouder spare parts marketplace will help you order spare parts with ease and at affordable prices
Simple and Easy
Rouder - Plan
Online account + Mobile app for service advisors
— Calendar with appointments
— Chat with customers
— Telephony
— Process instructions
— Technical support
— Spare parts ordering
Mobile app for mechanics
— Calendar with appointments
— Сhat with experts and technical support
— Work instructions
— Technical documentation
Web-account for owners
— Calendar with appointments
— Analytics and stats
— P2P loans
— Spare parts ordering
— List of mechanics
— Chat with mechanics, technical support and experts
— Repair shop card
— Reviews
Web account for P2P investors
— Projects available for investing
— Profitability and ROI metrics
P2P Loans
Invest in low-risk projects
In the Rouder system, all companies are pre-scored and have forecasted customer and cash flows to ensure that the platform’s investors are investing in low-risk projects.
High chance of return
The P2P Rouder loan system features only repair shops connected to the Rouder Plan management system. These companies have high chances for the intended use of investments, further development, and a higher rate of return.
Get a loan under preferable conditions
Repair shops connected to Rouder can get a loan under preferable conditions without providing special documentation.
High chances of getting a loan
When connected to Rouder Plan, a repair shop undergoes scoring. This facilitates and speeds up the process of getting a loan. Repair shops in Rouder Plan have higher chances of getting a loan as the management system increases the chance for the intended use of investments and project development.
The difference in effective interest rates by regions
Rouder will become a major driver of P2P loans
Investors coming from countries with low-interest rates make lucrative investments in projects in emerging countries with high rates.
So, an investor from a developed country with a negative effective rate can invest at 2% into the business from another country, e.g. Russia, where ruble rate with foreign exchange hedge is 7 to 8%.
Auto repair shops in countries with high bank interest rates attract finance under better conditions.
In their turn, Russian auto repair shops within Rouder that are not able to receive domestic financing cheaper than at 30% p.a., get a significant competitive edge on the market.
Simple HRM System
Find, hire and evaluate employees
To simplify communication with technical employees, Rouder developed an HRM system — a social network where you can find, hire and evaluate employees.
Rouder has revolutionized the communication process with experts who have specialized qualifications and skills.
In Rouder Plan, repair shops can hire such experts for a short term to perform one or several repairs. This allows expanding the range of services while keeping high quality and the same headcount.
Find, Hire and Evaluate Professionals — Now It’s Simpler than Ever
All employees in one place
A repair shop can just submit a request for a technical expert within the required period and the HRM system will find suitable candidates
Skilled professionals only
To qualify for the HRM system, each worker has to provide a proven track record of professional qualifications and skills
Rating and reviews
Rouder tracks how experts work and show their rating, including feedback from car owners
HRM App for Mechanics
Rouder developed a mobile app for mechanics and technicians, where they can:
  • Find full-time or project jobs at repair shops
  • View appointments in a calendar
  • View feedback from car owners
  • Access technical documentation
  • Get a consultation from experts
  • Receive payments for completed work
  • View order and payment history
Boosted profits for mechanics
Rouder ensures that highly skilled experts work at their fullest. Auto mechanics can earn 2 to 3 times more compared to traditional work at just one repair shop
Earnings 2 to 3 times higher
The app allows skilled experts to earn 2 to 3 times more than working at just one repair shop.
Jobs management
Easily view the calendar with appointments, read reviews about your work and get support from car repair experts.
Personal ratings and reviews
Each mechanic has an activity history (like drivers in Uber) that helps to distribute workloads for the most relevant mechanics.
Documentation and advice from experts
Mechanics improve their qualifications by learning new skills from experts.
Simple Onboarding
Download the app
Submit an application for HRM program
Track jobs, provide great service and get paid
Partners of Remontista.ru Project
Our team
Denis Gusev
Venture investor and CEO of Remontista.ru
Denis has extensive experience in banking and investment. Previously, he has served as an advisor to AA+ General Fund Ltd. Hedge fund that focused on emerging markets and venture capital investments. The Remontista.ru project was one of the investments made by the fund. Denis also serves as an expert for the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF)
Evgeny Zakharov
COO of Remontista.ru
Evgeniy is in charge of B2G and B2B-relations. He excels at building successful relations with partners, car repair shops and banks. Previously he launched the Autofriend.com project related to parking lots in Moscow as its COO.
Anton Volodin
CTO of Remontista.ru
Anton holds an MBA in Information Technology. He has extensive experience in implementing and managing complex software development and IT-infrastructure projects. He served as a mentor on the ‘Product Manager’ course for startups for IIDF fund
Anna Shlepneva
CPO of Remontista.ru
A professional marketer with experience in managing startups on the automotive market in stages like business planning, startup launch, and business development. Previously as the Marketing and Product Manager of WROOM (internet-aggregator of official car repair centers), she participated in the acceleration program of IIDF fund